The Fall Inn Bar & Grill (formerly Jim’s Fall Inn Tavern) located at 4219 Kingston Rd. just outside of Duluth in Homecroft (1 mile north of Kenwood and east of Woodland) has been owned and operated by Paul Conito and Jayme Heim since 2007.  This husband and wife team work together to make the business a success with Paul working the bar during the day, and Jayme, who also works outside the bar, taking care of more of the other things behind the scenes. 

Music is a favorite of both Paul and Jayme with Side Road J, the northland’s newest variety band, playing the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month.  You will also find impromtu jam sessions occuring frequently any day of the week, as Jayme also plays guitar and sings and will often join in with the many musicians that frequent The Fall Inn. 

Sports are also a big favorite on the weekends and you will find your favorite, whether it be Nascar, football, hockey, baseball, or basketball, on one of the many TVs at the bar.  Paul is an avid Green Bay Packer fan and Jayme is just as crazy about the Minnesota Vikings.  You will find that half the bar sports Packer memorabilia – the other half is pure Vikings; so no matter which team you root for, you will find a place at the bar!  Notre Dame, however, is a team they both agree on, and come Saturdays in the fall you will be hard pressed to find two more avid Fighting Irish football fans! 

Is Cribbage more your style?  Paul and Jayme sponsor several Cribbage Tournaments throughout the year.  Horseshoes are also available during the warmer months, with leagues starting in June every year.  There is also an in-house Dart League that runs from the Fall through early Spring. 

There’s something for everyone at The Fall Inn!  Stop by or give us a call at 218-724-2566.


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